Monday, May 25, 2009

Field Trips

I can tell the school year is coming nearer to its end, there are more field trips. We had two field trips this past week, one on Thursday and one on Friday.

Thursday, we went to Cattails in North Spokane. It was about an hour tour and Angela seemed to really enjoy it. Connor liked the first little bit, but then he was done. He wanted to throw rocks, which of course was against the rules. He also wanted to run everywhere, which also was against the rules. They said that if you run the cats think you are food. I told him the lion and tiger would want to eat him and he said, "No, Connor yucky!" Angela liked the different animals, but she did not like some of the stories of how they got there. Many of the cats were abused or unwanted so Cattails got them. It was a two hour drive there and another two hours back, for the hour tour, I am not sure it was worth it for me. But, the kids liked it and we got some good pictures.

Friday, we went to Stone Rose in Republic, WA. It is a fossil digging site. Connor did not go with us and Angela was super excited to go there and find some fossils. I think her idea of what it would be like was not quite accurate to her experience that day. It was really hot on Friday and she started of complaining about the heat. Then she did not enjoy the time we had to sit and listen to the rules and site overview. Once on the hill, she could not get her first rock to split open and she wasn't sure she liked it. After about 15 minutes she wanted to be done and go home. I talked her into staying and about five minutes later we found what we thought was a fossil or two. We kept looking for about another 40 minutes, but that was all the more I could talk her into. Once back to the site they said that her fossils were a piece of wood and a piece of a leaf. They were labeled us unknown or mystery pieces due to the fact that there was not enough detail to accurately identify them. But that didn't matter to Angela, she thought she was the coolest thing in the world, that she found some fossils. That was a great way to end our trip!

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Ruhammie said...

I love looking for fossils!! That had to be so cool! I'll have to learn more about that place.