Friday, May 1, 2009


Yes, the title is correct. I don't know if I have truly gone public until now, but I am pregnant. This week is 20 weeks a.k.a. about half way started or over, however you look at it. I am due on September 17th. I have already been asked to have the baby (or not have the baby) on different people's September birthdays, but sorry I can not guarantee any of it. I do not plan to have an elective c-section. If one become necessary than that happens otherwise we will try for a "natural" birth.

This morning we went in to have the ultrasound. Angela thought it was really cool seeing the different views of the baby. Connor didn't really enjoy it, well because he is two and anything that takes too long is not fun. Brian and I were really thankful that all seems well. The technician said that the baby is growing just fine and he/she looks to have all of the correct parts where they need to be. We chose to not find out what the gender is, the surprise at the birth will be nice. Although Brian and I do have our suspicions and no we are not telling. It would be interesting to hear all of the thoughts/"old wives tales" of what people think it is.

Photo one: this shows the baby's profile with a fist near his/her mouth.

Photo two: this shows the baby looking directly at the camera.

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Ruhammie said...

OOOHHHH!!!! How exciting!! Now I can commit to memory easier, you're six weeks behind me. So fun! You got a nice shot of the face, mine didn't want to be seen, so he/she kept curled into my belly, not showing it's face.