Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Update

Brian is working out of town now, he started on Monday. The time we projected it would take him to drive is a little inaccurate. It takes him just over an hour. This week has been a screwy week to see how working out of town is. Monday he had to help move company trucks so he got home at dinner time. Tuesday they got rained out of working so they did an in service training and then come home early. Then yesterday, I don't know what it was but he was home for dinner. We have done some figuring and it might be cheaper for him to drive every day than to stay at a hotel. The big concern is driving and being tired. We will have to give it a few more weeks to see how things really start to play out.

Angela is working really hard at her schooling. Although she and I are really ready for home schooling to be over!! We have about five weeks of lessons left and the last week of school will get to be fun made up lessons just to get our attendance counted. She really can't wait to go to public school next year. A quote from her is, "I will get to have so much more fun at public school, I will get hot lunch and get to get away from mom." It really makes me laugh, because it is true. She and I definitely needs some breaks from each other so that we get along better. I think we are a lot alike. She has been reading through three to five or more chapter books per week. We can't seem to get to the library enough. It could be because the only way to watch movies is on the computer and that we don't have TV. Oh well it could be worse, I just have to get her to take breaks to do chores or spend some time with the family. She is also finished with her swimming lessons. She completed them a few weeks ago. She passed Red Cross level 3 and will be moving onto level 4 next time. She was very excited to have passed.

Connor's finger is healing up nicely when he is not breaking doctor's orders. He is supposed to keep it clean and out of the water. What crazy directions for an active two year-old. Yesterday while playing out side it was covered with dirt and in the dog's water dish before I even knew the band aid was off. Good thing it has already healed up a bit. Brian had to rig up a plastic bag and tape to keep it dry for his bath. Other than that it is not slowing him down at all, well unless he falls on it. Then you can tell that it is start to hurt, but even then he just keeps on going.

As for me, not much is going on here. I am getting to know different moms through my MOPS group. I have also started singing in the Praise and Worship band at church. We sing the contemporary christian songs of the service. It has been fun.

We are all super excited to be coming home in just about five weeks now the question is, how will we get to see everyone in such a short amount of time.

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