Saturday, August 29, 2009

Angela's Birthday

Angela has gotten to have a bit of a drawn out 8th birthday. 8, WOW, it is sure making Brian and I feel old. She has received cards off and on over this past week, which has been making mail time a lot of fun. Then she got to open up some presents on the 25th, the 27th and the 28th. We made a breakfast casserole called "French Toast Bake" for the day of her birthday. She got to have a yummy dinner on the day of her birthday, but she did not do her special birthday dinner until the day after her birthday. She chose to have white chicken lasagna. We really like that meal, but when I pulled it out of the oven she looks at it and says, "That is not what I wanted. I wanted those triangle ravioli things." Oops, I thought it was kind of funny that she had asked for one thing, but was thinking of something else. She said it was okay, because she really likes the lasagna too. We will just have to make ravioli soon. She really enjoyed getting a new ken doll, clothes for ken and barbie, a watch, many cute new back to school outfits, Boogle, a CD, an alarm clock, a lamp (which she said would allow her to read all night), some jewelry and a paper doll set with a decoratable house. I have a big book of birthday cake designs and I let Angela pick whatever cake she would like. This year she picked a "French Fry" cake. I used funfetti cake as the base layer and then pound cake as the french fries. We used white frosting as tartar sauce and red tinted frosting as ketchup. The kids thought it was a lot of fun dipping their "french fries" in the different sauces. Now the topper for Angela's birthday day is that she is a year older and gets to start the 3rd grade this next week. We drove by the school yesterday and she said, "Goodbye school, I'll see you on Tuesday." She is super excited for the new school year (more about that to come).

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