Friday, August 21, 2009

Pod Swaddler

A few weeks ago I posted an entry for a free giveaway for a baby swaddler called a Pod Swaddler (see picture above). True to my form and my lack of luck I did not win the giveaway. This did not stop me. I thought that these swaddlers were way too cute. So, I unpacked my sewing machine, got the pattern and some fabric, and have been enjoying sewing up some of these. I have a total of six, some to give away and some to keep. Here is a view of the different fabrics
that I used. I just love the versatility of picking out fun fabrics. It was hard to not go overboard on spending money. Here is a view of my finished pod. Now the only problem is finding out if they work like they should. My first one should go out into the mail within the next day or two to a mom with a brand new baby. Hopefully her feedback will be good. Then in just a few more weeks we will have our own little one to try it out on.

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