Monday, August 31, 2009

Dying Dryer

We had a bit of a shock when we got our most recent electric bill. Back in June it was little the it doubled for the July bill and doubled again for this August bill. That did not seem right at all. We had not been using the air conditioning hardly at all so we couldn't think of what could be causing this huge of a jump. So we started thinking through every appliance that we have and when I ran the dryer and Brian watched the meter - we found it. I can not believe how absolutely fast the meter was running. Unfortunately I am working on potty training Connor, which requires a load of laundry a day, plus usually one other. Then soon with the baby, I'll be doing cloth diapers which will be laundry every other day. We definitely can not be without a dryer. But we decided to be financially friendly and we are not going to get another one until we can save up for it. So for the time being, we hung two clothes lines and I have started hanging laundry. Too bad this didn't happen at the beginning of the summer. I am hoping for as many nice days as possible so that we can keep this up as long as possible. On a positive note, it is really nice and uplifting to look outside and see the clothes hanging on the line. I can see the draw and enjoyment of it.

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