Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Update

It has been a while since I just talked about the day to day so here it is.

Things have been going well for Brian. He is working about 2 hours south of us near the WI/IL border. He said the work is fairly easy, but at least it is work. He is still working longs days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A shorter day on Thursdays. And then he is off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It really gives him 3 1/2 days at home, which is nice for the kids and I. He has had a few projects around the house, but nothing really big. In a few weeks though, he will hit the ground running with a big one. He will be installing an island with a diswasher and a bi-level counter in our kitchen. I love his sence of adventure, he has never done anything like this, but he said what the heck - lets do it. It will take framing, sheetrocking, mudding, painting, plumbing and then all the instalations. It should be a lot of fun. Hopefully I will remember to get a posting about that at the time.
Angela will be turning 8 in eleven days. To say she is excited is an understatement. I don't think she is excited to get older as that requires more responsibilities, but she is excited for presents, cake and special birthday meals. She has changed her mind about what she wants at least 20 different times. I think that is part of the excitement and fun. School starts for her on Sept. 1st. I can't believe she will be in the 3rd grade. She is getting so old, but what does that make Brian and I? She is definately ready for the making friends part of school and the P.E., music, library and recess parts of school. But, I don't think she is quite ready for the learning and homework part. Summer seemed to go by way to quickly for her.
He has had some big changes over the past couple of weeks. First we have started working on potty training. He is only wearing a diaper at naptime (and that is only if he doesn't take it off) and at bedtime. The rest of the day he is in underwear. He does really good a going pee on the toilet when he is reminded, but he is not quite where he will tell you yet. And he has yet to poop on the toilet. He will go in his underwear and then most of the time he will come and tell you about it. But, that is okay, I think he is right on track for where he should be. I am really enjoying this time with him. His second big thing is that he lost his sassa (pacifier) just about a week ago. She he has been without if cold turkey. The first couple of days were really hard with him crying and asking for it, but these last few days have not been too bad. It may have been just what he needed. Other than those two things there is nothing to big going on with him.
Lastly there is me. Could this be like all the photos in the photo album where you never see the person taking the pictures. I could talk about everyone else and skip me? I have been working hard with the kids and their different activities. I have also been getting more active in my moms group MOPS. I am the publicity coordinator and that is requiring a bit of time to get the year started off. I have been singing in the Praise Band at church, but am thinking of taking a break from that once the baby comes. I have 4 1/2 weeks until my due date and things are going well there. I have gotten all the baby clothes and blankets washed, now all we need is a baby. I have been working on sewing some baby shower gifts for some friends of mine this past week. I will post about that later on.
Everyone (not including me) got haircuts tonight. I had given Brian one when I was 9 months pregnant with Connor and it did not turn out too well. I don't know if it was the big belly or the hormones, but we agreed we would never do that again. So tonight was supposed to save him from the 9 month haircut, no troubles tonight. Connor was very excited to get his hair cut, but as soon as he was done he was not too happy. When he saw all the hair on the floor he started to get upset so we tried to get him excited by looking in the mirror. When he did that he kept saying that his hair was broken. We had to get him excited by offering a little dish of ice cream (bribery is okay right?). I took about two inches off of Angela's hair and now she will be ready for heading back to school. We have been camping onces this summer, but are planning on going out Labor Day weekend. Will let you know how that turns out then. Just started making plans with some friends who will be coming out to visit us at the end of September. It will be the first friends to visit us here and we are so super excited for the visit, Yeah to the Galloway's!!

Well that should be all with us for now. Have a great week everyone. God Bless.

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