Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of 3rd Grade

Today Angela started the 3rd grade. It made me feel really old that she is getting to be so big. But not so big that she didn't need me.... Our morning started out well. She got ready much faster today than she did on any of our last few practice days. She actually had time to sit and read some books. We got her picture taken and then started walking to school. I thought it was nice in Spokane that we were five blocks from school. Here we are just one block from school. Once we got there, we had to wait for them to open the doors. When it was time to walk in she said, "Mom, I'd like to hold your hand." We made it to her class room and had a little time to talk with her teacher. We will be bringing in birthday snacks later this week. I told her I would meet her outside the building and she asked, "Could you please meet me up here?" On my walk home I just about started crying, she may be getting big - but she still needs me.

Prior to the start of school Angela kept saying she did not want a male teacher. Then we found out she got assigned a man. She was really unhappy about it and wanted to change it. Well after the first day was over and she got home, she said it wasn't too bad. He and a female teacher team teach so she spends the morning with him and the afternoon with her. She told me that they are the best teachers. (above is the classroom pet, I don't think I will be volunteering to care for the pet over Christmas vacation) It sounds like over all school was a lot of fun. Although, she did end up with homework today. That was a bit of a fight to get her to start it and complete it. I guess that is another routine we will have to get back into the habit of. For dinner tonight, I decided to do something fun and special in honor of the first day. We made pizza!! Angela had fun spreading the sauce as well as putting on the Canadian bacon and pineapple. When it came out of the oven I said it was a very handsome pizza. She thought that was really funny for me to call it that. Who knows maybe homemade pizza on the first day of school might become a tradition.

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