Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Weekend of May

This past weekend, the first weekend of May was full of new fun for us. Brian got home in time for dinner on Friday and he had a bit of time to relax before we got moving on Saturday. Angela's school is trying to change fundraising efforts from having the kids sell things to hosting a fun run/walk. The Run for Rusch is a 1 mile walk or a 5k run/walk. We participated in the 5k walk pushing Emeric and Connor in the stroller and trying to keep up with Angela who was running ahead with two neighbor boys. We came in at about 51 minutes. Brian said that next year he wants to come in around the 21-25 minute mark. I would be happy with the 51 minutes again, especially since I have the boys with me.

Saturday afternoon was spent installing our new microwave. A few weeks ago we bought the cupboard that goes above the microwave.

It looked pretty silly sitting there all by itself. Brian worked hard to get it all in nicely.

The bummer of this is that he will have to uninstall the cupboard and microwave and move them about three inches to the left when we buy all the rest of our cabinets. Fortunately for him that will not be for a while.

That night for dinner I decided to make him happy and use the microwave. I made a meal of enchilada casserole

and brownies.

Sunday we had a day of new adventures. We were grocery shopping and noticed that the price of a gallon of milk has really gone up. We used to buy a gallon for fewer than two dollars. Now it is almost three dollars. We had heard that a local gas station had milk for cheap so we stopped by. It was much cheaper ($2.04 for a gallon), but it was also a little different.

It is sold by the half gallon pouch and you dispense it by putting the pouch in the special pitcher and serving. I am up for trying anything especially if it saves. One dollar per gallon will really add up the way this family goes through milk. Our other adventure was dinner. We had spaghetti squash with mozzarella stuffed meatballs and peas. I had never had spaghetti squash. It was pretty good. Maybe not a meal we would do every week, but it is one we would do again.

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