Saturday, May 1, 2010

April - Photos of Kids

Here is the April installment of the photos of the kids.
Hunting for Easter eggs.
Opening the Easter eggs and eating all the treats in under five minutes.
What I look like when Mom wakes me up after her meeting to take her picture.
Hunting for Easter eggs.
Opening the Easter eggs and stuffing as many treats into his mouth as he could.
Getting ready to climb out onto the roof with Dad.
Hunting for Easter eggs with Dad.
Opening Easter eggs with Mom.
The Toads:
We found these toads under the sandbox.  The both had fun playing with them, although they did get a little bit rough.  Angela's ran away later on the day we found them.  Connor's stuck around, we even went and bough a toad house for him, which we got set up all nice.  That evening Connor went to show the babysitter the toad and he was gone.  We didn't even get to relocate him to the house.  Maybe another toad will move in.

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