Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emeric at 10 Months

Emeric is ten months old now.  I realized I missed his nine month post.  That must have been becasue it happened right before we were leaving for vacation.  At his nine month appointment he was just over 17 pounds.  Last week, using my grandmother's scale, he was 19 pounds.  That seemed like a bit of a shock to me, but then when I paid attention to how he is eating it made perfect sence - That boys eats a lot.  He has been enjoying eating more and more of the foods we are eating.  One night I tried to give him plain mashed potatoes but he wouldn't eat them, but he ate my entire helping of seasoned mashed potatoes and gravy.  In the month that we have been in WA he has learned to army crawl.  He does not crawl on his hands and knees but he is really fast on his belly.  He can sit himself up and is super close to pulling himself up.  This makes me a little nervous about returning to our home with stairs.  He has really been enjoying meeting all of the family although he is still pretty clingy to mom. 

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