Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Vacation

What is Summer Vacation?  A time to travel and see new things; a time to visit friends and family; a time to unplug and relax.  Yes, that is what Summer Vacation is!

We have been in WA for four weeks, which means we have four more weeks until we are back in WI.  This first four weeks seems to have flown by as well as drag by.  The kids and I have been staying busy which is causing the trip to go fast, but we are all missing Brian something fierce which is making is seem like a very long time. 

Our travel out here went really well.  No hitches or hang ups to mention.  We had a day or so to relax and then we went camping, on the Columbia River, for the 4th of July weekend.  Angela got to go out fishing with my two uncles.  She caught three walleye, but had to throw one back because it was too small.
In this photo she is trying to do her best to smile when she really wants to scream.  My uncle wanted he to hold the fish for the photo but she wouldn't because it was too gross.  She did think it tasted pretty yummy.  The water was a little bit too cold for me but Angela and Connor reallly enjoyed swimming. 

Our next weekend was spent in Spokane visiting family and friends.  We got all the cousins together to tie-dye some shirts (even one for Grandpa Jamison).  That was a lot of fun to see them working hard on their designs.  I was right in the middle of all of the dye and was unable to get pictures of the kids.  This one was snapped by one of the sister-in-laws.
No one got away dye-free not even Emeric.  I triend to keep him out of it but it found him anyhow.

Angela got to get a new do about a week ago.  She got a perm.
From the look of things it was pretty stinky.
It really turned out cute.  When her hair is wet it really curls up and when it is dry it is not as noticable, but I think she really likes it.

All of last week she participated in volleyball camp.  She learned how to serve the ball, how to pass the ball and how to set the ball.  In just a few days she became a pretty good passer.  This might be something that we will look into continuing when we return to WI. 

That is a quick recap of the first four weeks of the trip.  I will work to update the next four weeks soon.

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i got my pkg from you today! thank you!!
you should have gotten the box from me already... let me know if you dont get it soon and i'll contact the USPS :)