Saturday, July 31, 2010

June/July - Photos of Kids

I guess my June - Photos of the kids got lost in the fray of getting ready to leave.  This posting will have June and July photos in it.  Enjoy!

Showing off the cheer(s) she learned at cheerleading camp.
Opening her early birthday present - a camera from mom and dad.
Digging in the sand of Lake Wisconsin.
Beware of the fearsome paper bag monster.
He must have worked really hard to get his shoes on overtop of his footie pajamas.
Enjoying an afternoon on Lake Wisconsin.
All set to go for a bike ride.
Playing in the sand on Lake Wisconsin.
Here are some donuts that we made with crosses for the hole.

Not to sure weather she wants to be sick or excited as she is watching her fish get cut up and ready to cook.
Enjoying her fish.  She said it was "Yummy".
Waiting on her perm.
Fishing with Uncle Bret (they didn't catch anything).
Connor snuck out of his room while I was watching a movie.  This is how I found him when the movie was over.
Playing with his WA friend Calvin.
Looking over the boat at the river rushing past.
Playing with his friend Grant.
Trying to get into some of Grandpa Harold's Jose' Cuervo.
Until next month!

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Ruhammie said...

Great pics!! Connor and Emerick's WA friends look like wonderful, sweet little boys...haha!