Monday, August 30, 2010

Emeric at 11 Months

Emeric is 11 months and it feels like so much has changed.  Mostly I think that is because Brian got to see him for the first time in two months and I got to see everthing that was new with Emeric through Brian's eyes.  Emeric is 19 pounds or right around there.  He army crawls sometimes but is now mostly doing some weird knee/foot crawl.  He pulls himself up into a standing position quicker than you can blink.  If anything is just the right height he will pull himself up until he is laying or sitting on it.  He can climb up stairs which is a problem at our house.  He has no qualms about getting dirty, actually the dirtier the better.  He enjoys playing in the water and swinging.  He has a huge appetite and is eating so many different foods that I won't even bother trying to post them all.  It makes me laugh watching Brian feed him.  When Angela was young there was not sugar/sweets for her.  Now, Brian is sneaking Emeric cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.  Emeric loves to give great big huge open mouth kisses.  That is my favorite thing of his at 11 months old. 

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