Friday, August 13, 2010

Game Swap Is In

Last week I recieved my box of games from Mamarazzi's Game Swap.  It was packed full of games!  Memory that is set at Connor's age, but was a lot of fun for Angela and I too.  War, Old Maid, Rage and New Moon card games.  Lastly Toss Up dice games which came with a cute little travel case and therefore is sitting in my purse right now.  It was a lot of fun opening it up and finding all these new games to play with.
I hope that my partner enjoyed her three games.  We sent her Family Fluxx, LCR (Left Right Center), and Dinner Time Games.  I own the first two, but will be looking for the other game for our family.

This swap was a lot of fun, but I now realize that doing a swap while on vacation was not my best idea.  I was able to get the package out on time, but I missed a few of the other requirments.  I was supposed to get this post out the week after the swap and that was about three weeks ago.  I was supposed to have the fancy button that would link you back to the swap which I could not figure out how to do, so I just put a simple link it.  I feel bad about not getting all of the extra things completed but at least my partner got her package.  Now I am off to play Old Maid with the kids.

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Mamarazzi said...

i was wondering about you. glad you got it posted. yeah the whole NOT being on vacation is actually a rule for signing up...uh oh.

glad you got such an awesome package i knew Merrianne would not disappoint.

in the future if you need help with links and buttons etc. i am only an email away and will happily help you!