Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December - Photos of Kids

Another year done and gone.  When I was a kid, I never believe people when they said that time just seems to go faster.  My oh my, but I am finding that to be so true.  My kids are growing too quickly.

Concentrating on decorating her Christmas cut out cookies.

"Like my new glasses?"

"Look at this face!"

Heading back up to the top of the stair at the water park.

Coming out of the McDonald's play toy.

Enjoying eating his Christmas cut out cookies.

Pretending he is on the phone (using a little ceramic box a present came in).

Hiding under the end table in the TV room.

He spent a lot of time behind the camera over the Christmas holiday. 

Coming out of the McDonald's play toy.

"I have to eat Goldfish on the floor while everyone else is having cut out cookies.  What is that all about?"

Mr. Emeric Potato Head

Drinking a beer with Grandpa!

His first time playing with Play-Doh.  I don't think he ever swallowed any.

Playing at the bottom of the McDonald's play toy.  Not quite old enough to climb around inside.

Merry Christmas from the Jamison kids

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