Friday, February 11, 2011

Need Serger Help

***UPDATE***  My husband came home early from work today.  When I told him I was having trouble he immediately said, "Let's go take a look at it."  After a few minutes of him touching and fiddling with things, he had me adjust a couple of spots and it was working just fine.  Then to top it off he let me sew for an hour and get my project finished. 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a serger.  It was not a brand new one, actually it looks pretty old, but it was said to work. 

I brought it home, threaded it, and used it on a couple projects.  Things seemed to be going so well and I was super excited.  Then this morning I changed the thread colors and now I am having troubles with it.  I spent almost an hour trying to use it, stopping to try and fix it and then repeat repeat repeat.  As I go the thread that goes through the needle keeps breaking.  I don't get it, it worked fine until I changed colors.  If anyone owns a serger and could give me some help, I would love some suggestions.  Especially since I have a couple of projects that I wanted to use it on that I wanted to get done this weekend.


Crazy Amy said...

I wish I had a serger but I'm no help at all, but I'll see if Regena can help :)

Regena said...

black can be a very brittle thread in general. Give the machine a good oiling, make sure there is nothing in the tension disks and put in some fresh needles. Rethread from nothing, and completely in order with the thread that was working. If it still works great, instead of unthreading the machine, just snip the threads that are in the loopers, tie on the new thread and pull through, then rethread the needles. Soem machines are more persnickety than others and you will just have a learning curve to find the sweet spot.