Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January - Photos of Kids

Welcome to 2011!

We, at the Jamison house, are really excited for another year to be starting.  We did not set resolutions, but we are sure and certain it will be a good year.  Here are some new photos of the kids - Enjoy!

Enjoying an afternoon of sledding.

What happens when she gets the camera.  (She is working on growing her bangs out.  They do not ever want to stay back in her clips.)

He could not find the "right" pair of gloves, so he choose to stay in the car instead of going sledding.

Participating in the church talent show - making animal noises.

After he learned to climb he realized that he could help mom cook.

"Hey Laci, I brought up the laundry"

Kicked back while sledding.

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