Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have a cousin who will be enjoying a baby shower today back in WA.  I am missing her (and the rest of the family) since I will not be able to be there.  I did sew her up some baby items that I will share with you - since she is sharing them with everyone at the shower.

This nursing cover is super easy to make thanks to the tutorial that I found online.  I like the two different fabrics and how the contrast/compliment each other.

This fitted crib sheet would be a fun one to make over and over again that way baby can have many different sheets to go with the changing room decor.  I think I might even have to make one for Emeric since he has not yet moved out of the crib/toddler size bed.

This blanket is a simple receiving blanket that one side matches the sheet and the side compliments the first.  I just wish that I had a machine that could do some fun decorative stitches for the top stitching.

This is a Pod Swaddler that should be very nice to wrap the baby up all tight in.  I made one for Emeric and gave some away as gifts then and they seemed to work out well for all the little ones.

While I was at the sewing machine, I decided to make a hat for myself.  It is sewn out of an old t-shirt.  I also made one for Angela (hers is light blue) and Connor (his is red).

** On a fun note: I saved up a bit of money and purchased myself a used serger.  I was wonderful to use it to help finish up some of the above projects.  I love the crisp clean look it gives to the finished item.

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