Thursday, March 1, 2012

February - Photos of Kids

It is so much easier to get the camera out in the warmer months when we are actually doing something but then again we also get wrapped up in whatever we are doing that we don't always use it.  Here are some colder weather February photos for you to enjoy!  Cheers!


Here she is proudly displaying her D.A.R.E. shirt, which she received for graduating from the program!

A little Valentine's Love! (She helped the family when a trivia contest at church that morning and won the balloons.)

Chocolate fondue is so yummy!


Laying on Mom's lap, being a weirdo, asking for his picture to be taken.

Chocolate fondue is so yummy!

Having a fun time horsing around with Dad.  Believe it or not he had all three of them up off of the ground.


I wonder if Batman ever looks like this in the bat cave?  ; )

Chocolate fondue is so yummy!

This is how I found him at the end of nap time, curled up and sleeping in the "rocker" chair.

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