Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Part 4

We are back to working on our kitchen.  I am sure it seems like such a slow project to you, it does to us too.  We have been doing this in stages to try and not be in debt with it.  Fortunately that has worked! (Kitchen Remodel Part 3, Kitchen Island, Microwave)

This second to last stage is the lower cabinets.  We seem to always do our work at the most inopportune time.  It was raining when Brian got the cabinets home and we had to haul them into the house before the boxes all disintegrated.  All the boxes came into the house nicely except for our corner cabinet.  I believe our back door is slightly smaller than the standard for new construction.  We ended up taking off the screen door and the door to get it into the house.

I lived with the boxes in the kitchen for a couple of days, since Brian picked it up mid week and he couldn't work on it until the weekend. 

First step was to remove all of the old cabinets.  Behind them the wall was covered in lathe and plaster.  That needed to come down too.

Connor really enjoyed helping dad!  He was extremely efficient with the hammer and actually did quite a bit of this work for us.  We did have to try and keep him covered up due to all of the dust.

Next up was covering the walls with new sheet rock.  That was pretty quick and easy.  Brian also moved a couple of outlets so that we could have some above the new counters.  Then it was onto putting in the new cabinets.  Like any older home nothing seemed to be straight or level.  There was a lot of shimming involved but he prevailed.  Once he put the toe kicks on you couldn't even tell.  We were now ready for the new counter top.  We were expecting it to get measured early that week and installed not much after that so I told Brian to leave to sink out and I would do with just using the bathroom one.

When we called and got our measure scheduled (which wasn't until the end of that week) we learned that the counters wouldn't be ready for two to four weeks after that.  I had him then put the sink back in.  We have been living with the old counter which doesn't cover the full space that we now have so at times it gets a little interesting.

Once we got the space measured we had to wait for confirmation that the company got the measurements.  Then we had to sign that the were correct and we were okay with them making the counters (that was this past Thursday).  We now have about a four week wait for the counters to get made, delivered and installed.  Stay tuned for pictures of the fully completed kitchen. 

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