Thursday, March 8, 2012

Groupon & Grub

Our 'G' date was another one like our 'F' date that started out including our kids.  We shopped on and purchased tickets to the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show.  This past Sunday we (skipped church) packet a lunch and headed to the BIG city.  It was pretty fun to see all of the older display cars and Brian was really happy to see all of the new ones.  We then got to the Grub part of our date.  One of my favorite things to do on a trip is try new restaurants, foods, drinks, shops etc.  We started by walking to an Irish pub where we had some wings and a drink.  We then walked along the "river" (really a water way to and from the lake and downtown Milwaukee) to let the kids stretch their legs.  Next we went to a sushi restaurant for some more drinks, egg rolls, sushi and an oyster shooter for Brian.  Angela and Connor both tried the sushi.  Angela enjoyed it, Connor said he didn't but he ate 1 1/2 pieces so I don't know.  Emeric wasn't feeling too good that day so he didn't eat hardly anything - period.  After that we walked around with a little window shopping which turned into a quick bit of real shopping for me.  We then drove to a local brewery, The Horny Goat Brewery, for dinner and drinks.  The restaurant over looked another part of the "river" which was fun to look at.  They had an outdoor fire pit that the kids enjoyed standing by.  They also had a huge tent with three sand volleyball courts and a large spectator space.  Brian and I are really thinking we need a regular babysitter so we can join the volleyball league here. Any takers?  That evening after putting the kids to bed, he and I got some time to ourselves and we shared a little bit of grasshopper pie.  It was a wonderfully fabulous day with the family!

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