Thursday, September 26, 2013

Angela's B-Day

12 Years Old!!
That feels really weird to type.  I am not ready for her to be 12 because that means she is almost a teenager.  She is pretty excited though. 
She started out celebrating on her actual birthday by waking up extra early!!  We went out to breakfast at the Luna Park Café.  It is not too far from Brian's work so he was able to come with us.  Then it was back home for some gifts and lazing around.  Lucky for he she does not have school on her birthday.  That evening we went out for dinner at Blue C Sushi which is at the South Center Mall.  The sushi moves along on a conveyor belt and the kids (especially Angela) thought it was great to watch them come around and to pick which ones you wanted. 
She is hugely into Percy Jackson stories/movies right now so she needed to have a trident on her cake.

Blowing out the candles and making a wish seemed super easy.....

that is until the relit themselves (darn mom and some sneaky trick candles.

She was quite particular in what she wanted for her cake.  I was German chocolate cake with a peanut butter cream filling and a milk chocolate frosting.  Then there was coconut flakes sprinkled on top and the trident decoration. 
She then got to celebrate her birthday again on Labor Day weekend while we were camping.  She got very spoiled by all of the family.  She was pretty sure that turning 12 was AWESOME!

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