Wednesday, September 25, 2013


As I mentioned in the previous post, Brian and I had a week together to find our rental.  We drove and search and visited possible options the entire week.  We thought we were either going to be an hour to an hour and a half from Brian's work or in something way too small for all of us.  We were getting discouraged.  Then at what seemed like the last minute I found a house.  It was two stories, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a little over 1800 square feet and it had plenty of room to park all of our extra vehicles.  The relator could not get us in so Brian and I drove over and peeked in the windows.  The best part about this house was the fact that it is 15 minutes from Brian's work.  We called and left a message for the relator that we would get them the deposit tomorrow but we wanted the house.  The next day we got inside to see it.  Brian was able to get a break from work to see it too.  We grabbed the application and that night we had it and our deposit turned in.  The next day I headed to Colville for two weeks.  We kept waiting and waiting to hear if we got it.  That was an anxious time because we knew our credit and history were good enough to get it but we still had to wait.  Finally, almost a week later, we were given the green light.  Yahoo!  Unfortunately Brian had to work the two weekends that I was gone so he was unable to help do any moving.  We were fortunately able to borrow a trailer so we didn't have to rent a moving van again.  Due to the amazing kindness of many people we got the trailer loaded in two days.  Then we drove over the hill (aka: across the state and over the pass) on Friday August 16th.  Then unloaded everything on Saturday August 17th.
After moving in, I realized that there was a lot to be done.  It was things that I must have looked over when we did the walk through.  Basic deep cleaning things and some minimal repair things.  Nothing that is impossible.  I will try and get some pictures posted soon, although they won't be before pictures, just after ones.

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