Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fall to Winter

I have been home for eleven days. I have wanted to update our picture on the blog. There was just one problem, not enough snow. It seemed, before we left, that many people were warning us about the "Wisconsin Winter." So when I left Washington, and my parents had 36" of snow, I expected there to be just as much here. But then when we got here we could see the ground sticking through most of the snow. Therefore, I kept waiting for snow to take the picture. We finally got a few inches (a couple of days ago) and no wind today, which made it the perfect time for the picture. Again, not quite right. I had this vision of snow on the ground, on the barn and on the trees. The sun had melted most of it off the barn, the trees were all bare of leaves and had no way to hold the snow. All that was left was the snow on the ground. I was having a vision of a "Washington Winter," but instead I got a "Wisconsin Winter" go figure! I still do enjoy the beauty of the picture and the area, especially when the wind is not blowing so much.
Since there was no wind, we got to go out sledding today. The kids really enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow. It has been just too cold to do it until today. Maybe, if I put them in about five layers and we stayed out for five minutes we could do it, but I'd rather not. Today was perfect. At one point, Brian tied the dog to the sled and had him pull both kids. Connor had a short ride, because he did not care for it. Angela had a really long ride and eventually had the dog pull her all the way back to the camper.

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