Sunday, January 4, 2009

How do we serve?

I believe that we all end up in places or situations that make us grumble and complain. I have heard many people that it is their jobs that make them unhappy. For others it is their family, neighbors, church, athletic club, etc. I know that for me, I have struggled with being moved into a camper and to a new state. I came here with the thought that I would not get involved in many things or try to form any relationships because we could be moving soon. This is a rather isolating thought, but today I started on the path to change that thinking. We went to church today and the pastor was preaching about a scripture referring to John the Baptist. The point and purpose of his sermon was a little more detailed, but one point stuck out in my mind. He said, "Think about if God was asking you, "What/where/how are you serving where I sent you?"." It made me realize that I am not just here by chance. Just like none of us gets put where we are by chance. God has a hand in everything that happens to us. We need to learn how to serve him no matter where we are. Therefore, I am going to try to jump in and get involved where ever we may end up. It doesn't matter if we are there for a week or a year. I would rather be part of something than part of nothing. I guess that is enough preaching to all who might read this, it was an uplifting message to me, maybe it will be to you too.

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