Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flake Out Festival

We headed up to the Wisconsin Dells today. It is about 20 minutes northwest of here. They were having their annual 'Flake Out Festival'. The big attraction was the snow sculpture competition. Teams of three got a block of snow measuring 6'x6'x10' and 48 hours to sculpt it into something amazing. The teams had about 16 hours left when we were there and the sculptures were already pretty amazing. The detail the put into the snow was really neat. They are not allowed to use any coloring, so the sculpture is all white, but perfectly shaped and recognizable. We got a picture of Angela next to a butterfly and then the three of us next to a turtle. More pictures can be seen at (about half way down the page should say snow sculptures with links to pictures of last year and hopefully by tomorrow, this year). They also had a man carving ice and a blacksmith working his forge. We really had a good time. To top it all of the temperature was in the mid to high 20's so it felt really warm to us.

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