Saturday, January 17, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Today we started swimming lessons. The kids will be taking them every Saturday; Angela for a total of ten lessons and Connor for a total of eight lessons. Brian got to come and watch today, but he will not make it to every lesson due to school. Angela has been very excited for the past week and a half, but today wasn't quite like she expected. Her lesson is one hour long and it was a lot of hard work. At one point her instructor said, "I am not one for fun and games. I prefer to work everyone really hard." Angela's eyes got pretty big at that statement. We will have to come up with a time to just go to the pool to play. Connor's lesson is a half an hour and he and I get to do it together. We had a lot of fun playing in the water, but there was not much instruction. We just got to do whatever we wanted. He really had fun, but they both usually do in that water. (We'll have to get some more pictures of Angela as the lessons continue.)

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Anonymous said...

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