Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brian Update

First, an F.Y.I., I updated the two blogs of the kid's beds so if you'd like to see pictures they are there. We are very happy they have beds. Now Brian and I are hoping for a new one. We'll see.
Often there gets to be lots of information about the kids and sometimes as a family, but not very often do I focus on one of us grownups. So today, Brian gets the limelight! He has been working super hard at work to get the job they are on finished. He worked for 13 days straight and then got last Sunday (3/29) off. He is now in the middle of a 12 day stretch. The days are averaging at about 12 hour days, but you notice I said averaging. Meaning some have been longer and not too many are shorter. They are hoping to get Easter weekend off or at least Easter Sunday. I am really hoping so too. The kids and I drove to watch him one day and it was pretty neat to see him close to 100 feet in the air working on a connecting a power line. I forgot to bring the camera, unfortunately. Maybe one of these days we will do it again and get some pictures of him working to post on here. The job they are working on is scheduled to be complete on April 17th. After that, they are looking at dropping down to a 40 hour work week. Brian is pretty darn happy about that. He said it will give him a lot more time at home and with his family.

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