Sunday, April 19, 2009

Connor's Accident

Connor is not quite two and a half but he is already trying to follow in his father and big sister's foot steps. Today he found a knife and cut his finger requiring two stitches to patch up. I feel like an awful mother that he was able to do something like that. He just seems bound and determined to get into and cause as much trouble as possible. Hopefully as he grows up his accidents will slow down, but if he ends up like Brian that might not be the case. It's a good thing I have a lot of love and kisses to pass on for all the bumps, bruises and cuts. Oh, and if you could send up a quick prayer of healing, that would be much appreciated.


Ruhammie said...

Poor Baby!! What has he seen them do? Calvin has seen me cut food for dinner and I've caught him reaching for handles on the counter when he's on his step stool. Scary, but hopefully my scolding was good enough and I've gotten better about keeping them out of his reach.

lajamison said...

When I said he was following in their footsteps it was because of the stitches. Brian has had a lot in his life and Angela had to get some two summers ago. Connor seems to know not to use the kitchen knives as I have also scolded him for grabbing at them, but this one was a work knife and he is really into tools and man things.