Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wisconsin Tax Return

Due to the fact that we lived in two states for the 2008 tax year we had to learn a little bit more about tax returns. We filed the normal federal return but here in Wisconsin they have a state return. Well we decided to use the money from our Wisconsin return to get a boat for the family. No, unfortunately we did not get a power boat like we had wanted. None of the rivers are big enough to use one and until we find some place that would work we will wait. What we did get is a canoe. It is 15'6", green (of course, this is Brian we are talking about) and it has three seats. All the seats have cup holders or beer holders as Brian and I like to call them. We took it out for its maiden run today and we had a great time. We were out at Devil's Lake State Park. The lake is in a little valley between two "mountains". I have to joke with the quotes because these mountains are not like at home. The four of us fit in it nicely and really enjoyed the lake. We will definitely had back for some more canoeing and possibly some hiking, bbq-ing and camping.

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