Thursday, July 23, 2009

Biker Girl

Brian is out of town for the next three days for work, he'll be about three hours from home. Since he would be gone, the company gave him yesterday off. It was pretty weird to have him home during the week, but he and Angela got a lot of work done. Brian made me a shelf for my stamps and I love it! Angela got her chores done and then dad said, "Let's have some fun." He had just gotten done tunning up his motorcycle and decided to take it off road for a ride. Once he was done, he came home to pick up Angela. She was scared to go with him. She said she was nervous about the turning and leaning the bike into the turns. I had a talk with her and she was ready to go. Once she got home, you could tell the fear was gone. She had a wonderful time riding around with Dad. Since she was not used to it, they did not go off road, but regardless she is ready to do it again.

In this last photo, I told her biker girls don't smile, so she is trying super hard to not smile!

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