Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun with Dad

Brian was off of work this past week. It was a sort of temporary layoff. Temporary being the key word, he returns to work this Monday. While he was home he and I worked on our "to do list", but the best part I think has been the fun the kids have been having. We got to go to the Henry
Villas Zoo in Madison. The kids and I had been, but we got to have some fun with Dad this time. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and the got to see: a grizzly bear swimming in its pond, chimpanzees, lions (both male and female), a tiger going for a swim, rhinos, tapirs, a giraffe and camels plus others. Another day was spent
playing in the backyard. Brian set up the sprinkler and the kids had a good time running around through it. It was a little weird seeing the sprinkler on in our yard, as it was the first time the yard has been watered this year. It is not really something done around here. Weird, I know, but when in Rome... Brian and Angela spent an evening making Connor a truck out of a cardboard box. Connor really enjoyed getting into it and getting pushed around. Angela really enjoyed making a project with Dad. Another day, Angela was outside doing some work with Brian when they found a toad in the yard. She thought this was pretty darn neat! This last picture is Connor playing around with Dad's swimming goggles. To put it in a fun perspective this is a picture of Angela at about the same age doing the same thing.

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