Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Housewife Ramblings

Yesterday, I had a lazy morning, but come mid-morning I got moving. I cleaned the TV room, living room, dinning room, kitchen and mud room. I also swept/vacuumed all the fore mentioned rooms as well as mopped the mud room. I did enough dishes that I had to fill the strainer very full twice. I also washed and dried three loads of laundry. After all of that, I looked at the house and thought why does it not look like I did anything? Brian was outside the whole time I was working and when he came in he didn't notice the work that had been done. When I told him he was very appreciative, but it is hard when it does not seem like anything has been done. Today I feel the same way. I have washed and dried four loads of laundry then folded all seven loads. I washed dishes, only once this time. Spent time grocery shopping. Cleaned and organized the fridge, freezer, snack cupboard and the food pantry. Then I also made a loaf of banana bread. At least the banana bread made it smell like I did something. Sometimes it seems like we work so hard at the day to day grind and there isn't much to show about it. But, I know that I don't work in vain.

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Ruhammie said...

OH!! I TOTALLY know how you feel here!! Sometimes I feel like I have to brag about my day just so that Marc knows what I did and appreciates me. Sometimes I do something obvious in 5 minutes just to make it LOOK like I was productive all day (whether I really was or not depends on the day) ;)