Friday, July 3, 2009

Swim Meets Two and Three

Angela had a swim meet this past Saturday. It was much bigger than her first meet. This pool was a full 25 yards and eight lanes wide. She swam the 25 free (placed 19 out of 20), 25 back (18 of 18) and was part of the 100 free relay (3 of 5). She did a really good job swimming and cheering on her team. This was a great meet for her to go to and get some experience.

Angela clowning around at the pool. Far right side, third lane from bottom.

Second lane from top, middle of picture. Happy after swimming!

She also had a home meet this past Wednesday. She swam the same three events. This time she had a little harder time of focusing on what she was there for. She wanted to play and not swim. This could be due to the fact that she had not been to practice and may not have been geared up for swimming. But she still did good: 25 free (placed 14 out of 14), 25 back (11 of 14) and was part of the 100 free relay (1 of 3) We will get back into the swing of things and be ready for her next meet in just over a week.

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