Sunday, January 31, 2010

January - Photos of Kids

It is so very hard to pick the few photos of the kids to share from each month, but here it goes.
At the end of our long winter hike.  I don't know if she would say she enjoyed it or not but she did a great job!
I do not understand some things kids do.  This has got to hurt.
♪♫ "I love my brother, I love my brother, want me to say it again? . . ." ♫♪
After he fell and bloodied up his lip and mouth.
He had spent some time exploring the attic with Dad.
Helping mom cook breakfast.  He is stirring some pre-cooked sausage that way there is no fat splatters.
Bathtime with my brother.
Not quite sure where Emeric ends and the laundry begins.
Doesn't he just look handsome.
Enjoy!  We'll see you next month.

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