Monday, March 22, 2010

Emeric at 6 Months

Emeric is the big man on the block celebrating his half birthday. A half a year is already gone by in literally the blink of an eye. His stats this month are: height/length 26.3 inches and weight 15 pounds 5 ounces. He comes in just a few tenths of an inch shorter but almost two pounds heavier than Connor at six months. He is wearing mainly 9 month clothing. There are a few 6-9 month outfits that still fit, but shopping wise we are no longer buying this size. Silly me, buying, I haven't had to do too much of that since we have all of Connor's old clothes. Emeric loves grabbing onto his toes and rocking back and forth on his back. He can roll from back to stomach, but he does not enjoy being on his stomach. He has rolled from stomach to back a few times, but usually once he is on his stomach he gets too upset to roll to his back. He is so close to being able to sit up on his own, I am sure it will be happening soon. We pulled out the exersaucer the other day and he is really enjoying being upright in it. He is then able to spin and see what we are all doing. I think it helps him to feel a part of things. He has started eating solid foods. We had been thinking about it for the past few weeks. We decided it was time Sunday when Emeric was trying to grab Brian's food out of his hand. I didn't have any rice cereal in the house so we started with an avocado (mashed up and watered down). He really seems to like it. Next weeks food will be sweet potatoes. He still nurses a lot and the bugger bit me with his two teeth a couple of weeks ago. It was mainly my fault as he was done eating and just sort of laying there when it happened. I should have picked him up and been done when he was done, oh well, lesson remembered. Above picture: We have been having a lot of sun lately and he has really been enjoying being outside. We put his sunglasses on to keep him from squinting and having to turn away from the sun. He kept them on the entire time we were outside. Below picture: His first bite of solid food. Connor was watching and he did not like it at first. He told me, "No, baby. Emeric baby no eat." I explained that it was okay for Emeric to start eating. After thinking on this for a while he said, "Emeric getting bigger?" He seemed a little sad by this as he is the big boy in the house. So I told him that Yes, Emeric is getting bigger, but not as big as you. That satisfied him. There will be more pictures on the month post with all the kids.

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