Friday, March 5, 2010


Ever since Connor was born Brian and I have agreed on how to deal with babies in the night.  One of us gets up and gets the baby the other one puts the baby back in their bed.  Since I am nursing usually it is him who gets the child and myself who returns the child.  It has worked out really well for us (for the most part).  Brian's job is to be changing soon and he will be staying out of town during the week which means I will have to do both parts.  I am not really good at that, I am not always good at doing my one part.  Often I will nurse the baby and fall asleep nursing.  Next thing you know a couple of hours have gone by and I am either returning him to his bed or laying him down in ours.  I have a feeling while Brian is gone there will be a baby sleeping in our bed often. 

What are the benefits or drawbacks of co-sleeping?

On a side note... Poor Emeric woke up two different times really screaming.  Both times Brian brought him into me saying that he had rolled over and was laying on his stomach, not very happy.


Rachel said...

Once they get bigger, they move around a lot and take up a lot of space. Josh will sleep in my arms for about an hour or so, but if we try and get him in bed with us, he wants to play. He's been a great sleeper from the beginning, so never really tried co-sleeping. I'll be praying for you with the change in Brian's work hours.

Ruhammie said...

Well Laci...I've coslept with both my babies and both my babies are still in our queen size bed. There's a good book called the No Cry Sleep Solution, I read that before Calvin was born. As long as the three of you are okay with it, then it works. Until it is no longer wanted by one, then it's time to reconsider the arrangements.

The Schugs said...

hey we too have and still co sleep. Our four oldest are now in their own beds, and we just have the two youngest in with us. Even though at times one of the older ones will try to sneak in. I enjoy waking up to them each morning and since i nurse i just have to roll over and not have to worry about getting up. i agree with the above poster if you both agree with it and it works go with it.