Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Christmas Vacation (part 1)

We left for vacation on December 12th at 4:00 AM.  It was a two hour drive to Milwaukee .  We got there a little earlier than necessary so that Brian could still get to work on time.  We flew Southwest (which was wonderful) to Vegas.  It was an almost four hour flight.  We then had a couple hour layover in Vegas.  My first priority was to find our next departing gate, then to get lunch and lastly to see if I could find a spot for the kids to play.  As we were searching for our gate, Angela was really getting snappy.  It wasn't until after lunch when she said she felt so much better and happier that we realized her snapping was because she was hungry.  After much running we then had a two and a half hour flight to Spokane.  The kids were so excited to see Grandpa and Grandma that I couldn't keep them from running.  We went to Costco to pick up a few things and to stretch our legs.  Then it was off to dinner and the two hour drive to Mom and Dad's house.  One the way Angela complained about her head hurting shortly after that she threw up twice.  I don't know if she learned anything that day, but I learned that she needs more substantial food and more water on travel days (I thought I was doing okay but obviously not). 

The next couple of days were about the only down time I feel like I had that whole trip.  I didn't get up until 9:00 AM the first day.  Come to find out, the kids were up at 5:30 AM.  Thankfully my parents handled everything and I didn't have to worry. 

We took the two hour drive to Davenport to have dinner with Grandpa Harold and Grandma Phyllis.  It was a lot of fun for the kids because they got to play outside in the snow and then take a ride in Grandpa Harold's buggy (a two seater four-wheeler).  After dinner they had a lot of fun playing with the Grandparents and their toys.

The next morning they took the kids and I to a neighbor's house to see their five-week old piglets.  For piglets I was hoping for something cute and about the size of the palm of your hand (or at least the size of your forearm).  That was silly thinking!  There were very cute but not that small.  They really liked to root around your shoes and they were even able to untie mine.

We also got to see a four and five year old boar and sow.  They were some of the largest pigs I had ever seen.  Angela really like to see and pet the horses.  She spent much of her time there.  Connor got to help haul food for some of the animals including the cows. 

Sassy cow and some of her friends really liked to eat bread.  We stood at the edge of the gate and threw it into their corral and came running.  they would ever eat it our of your hand.  Here is Emeric feeding Homer the bull.

Emeric really likes cows so I was happy to show them to him.  I have no idea if he thought it was fun or not but he did talk about it for awhile after that.

That day we spent lunch with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Chipps.  The boys had fun playing in the house while Angela helped Grandpa cook up the burgers and hot dogs.

Friday night and Saturday we spent time with Scott and Chris.  It was so wonderful for all of us to see each other again.  It had been about a year and a half since we had last seen them.  I kept them up way past bedtime catching up on all of the family.  We also got to see Great-Grandma Faulkner and enjoy a little Christmas party where she lives.  Sunday I got to go to the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein.  I had never watched the movie but had heard much about it from my Mother and brother.  It was quite humorous!  That evening after I had picked up the kids and was heading to pick up Uncle Tyler for dinner we had quite the laugh.  Emeric had gotten his pants wet earlier in the day so he was in his car seat in just his shirt, diaper and shoes.  As I was driving I hear this rrrrriiiiiiiiippppppppp sound.  I was pretty sure it was the Velcro on his shoes.  Then Angela yells, "MOM!  He took his diaper off!"  I still am not sure how he unhooked it and got it off while he was sitting on it?  We joked that it would be horrible if he peed in the car, but fortunately that didn't happen. 

We got the next day to do laundry and to decorate the Christmas tree!  The kids had a wonderful time looking at all of the old ornaments and deciding where they should go.  And of course, this picture shows hardly any of the tree.

The following day Mom and I took our girls trip to Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.  Thank you so very much to Dad and Tyler for keeping the kids for me.  We had such a great time eating, drinking, talking, walking, sight seeing, shopping, relaxing, staying up late, sleeping in, rubbing elbows with the locals and doing things that girls do when there are no husbands and kids around!  It is most definitely time to plan our next trip.

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