Sunday, January 22, 2012

Eating In

January's date night comes at a rather awkward time of year.  We just finished Christmas with presents for everyone.  Then we had our WA vacation and a Canada and Vegas vacations tucked inside.  We were not really in a place for a "big" date.  We decided to keep it really small and we were going to Eat In.  We have been exchanging babysitting with three other families, which means, in four months you get three dates with free childcare and then you have one time where all of the kids are at your house.  Fortunately on Friday the 20th, we got to go and drop our kids off.  Then we came home and cooked up one of the easiest dinners.  It was a P.F. Chang's frozen dinner (we had a coupon a few months ago and decided to give it a try).  We cooked up a little jasmine rice to go with.  It was really quite yummy.  We also watched a movie (rented from the library) called The Lincoln Lawyer.  Now before you ask how it was, I don't know we never finished it.  First we got a phone call to meet some friends for drinks at the Corner Pocket.  It was great to be spontaneous and just jump up and go.  We tried to finish the movie after picking up the kids, but well...we're old, and we both fell asleep.  We are going to try and finish it up tonight. 

On a side note, our kids bring such humor to our lives and Brian asked me to share this with everyone.  Actually when I told him, he laughed and laughed and then said, "You have got to blog about that!"  Angela and Connor were unloading the dishwasher yesterday.  We have really been working hard with them to put things away where they go.  When I came to see how Angela was doing there was a pot with a fork and a cooking spoon in it just sitting on the counter.  Before I could ask her why they were there and not put away she says, "I can't put these away, Connor ruined them."  Then pointing to the pot she says, "He spit in this", pointing to the fork, "he used this to eat some pears" and pointing at the spoon, "and he put this down his pants!"  Aren't they something? 

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Tessa's Mommy said...

What a cool idea! I can't wait to read about the other dates you've done. Alton and I are always looking for good date ideas!