Tuesday, January 10, 2012

November/December Sewing

Shortly before our trip I decided to get serious and tackle my sewing "to do" list.  I had a few things to finish up and a lot to make.  Here is a brief look at what I got done.

I made this hostess apron for a give-a-way for my MOPS group. 

Also for my MOPS group I made these little diaper keepers and the burp rags that follow.  The diaper keepers will hold 3-4 diapers and a small package of wipes.  These gifts are for the moms who have new babies during the year.  

I made a ball for my niece, Kendall.  This is the before picture of all the parts of the ball.  I then hand stitch them together.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it once it was finished.

This is a small zippered pouch that I gave to my brother.  It was to hold his ear buds so that they would not get a tangled up and ruined in his bag.

These are art packets that I made for the kids for traveling.  Angela's is the watermelon one, Emeric's is the cow print and Connor's is the one with all the action phrases. 

Each packet has a vinyl sheet (which is in the center) and some activity sheets that slide in behind it.  They are then able to draw on the vinyl with some dry erase crayons and then they don't mark up the activity sheets.  They also had a pad of paper and colored pencils for any other art/writing needs.  Lastly there are a couple of small pockets for special little treasures.

The two date purses were made for my mother and I to use on our girls trips.  She picked the cream with green print bag and I got the gray bag.  While on vacation, Emeric loved to run around with my purse full of his toys.

A sippy cup leash to hopefully keep the cup within reach (and not lost) during all of our traveling.

A dog bone shaped neck pillow for flying and anything else.  The kids really enjoyed it on the flights. 

Christmas pajamas for Angela.

Lastly, a trash bag for our car.

Funny thing is, after all of this sewing, you would think my "to do" list is much smaller.  But darn it all it is about the same size.  After I would cross one thing off I ended up adding something else in its place.

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