Monday, January 9, 2012

December - Photos of Kids

Here are a few more photos of the kids from December (and our vacation).

I don't know if she is a lion or a confused ballerina.

I love to see my daughter helping with the dishes.  This is probably the only time she has smiled while doing it.

She enjoyed trying out the marionette at Great-Grandpa Chipps' house.

Pure joy on her face after opening her ipod shuffle.

Enjoying looking through her stocking of goodies.

Getting creative with his snacks on the airplane.  He made the 'C' and found the 'O's' and one 'N', I helped him with the rest.

After playing around at Grandpa and Grandma's he found some of my old costumes to dress up in.

Enjoying the Sunday comics.

Taking a rest with DC.

Having fun finding 'Bee' socks in his stocking.

Playing dress up.  What a pretty little princess.

I think we have an addict on our hands!  It will be rough when we take him completely off of it.

"Yes! Oranges are so yummy!"

Smiling for the camera as he is sitting on the counter and enjoying a snack.

It is either box head Emeric or maybe astronaut Emeric.  Connor just looked at the picture and said "Look at Emeric, he is hilarious!"

Slightly overwhelmed on Christmas and he has just barely started opening his stocking.

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