Friday, January 27, 2012


(Okay, I can't help myself as I titled this "Art")
What do you call a man with no arms and no legs hanging on a wall?   

Alright now that that awfulness is done...let's move on!  My mother has this amazingly wonderful friend who also happens to be an amazingly wonderful artist.  Peggy Wilson!  At this point in time I am not quite able to own an original Peggy Wilson but I did get a couple of her cards that I just got framed.

I love snowmen!  When the holidays come around I not only decorate my house in Nativity scenes but I also fill it to the brim with snowmen.  This one will probably never go into the Christmas box because it is a Peggy Wilson so it just needs to be on display always!

Peggy used to have a series of prints called "Mole-ympia".  Why moles?  I have no idea.  But she lives near Olympia, WA so I think that is why the "ympia" part.  Maybe it was just a fun play on words.  This picture came from that series but looking at her website today I don't see that series.  The fun part of this one is that when I lived in WA I lived near a convent.  I was the absolute highlight of my day when I would be in the store and see a nun.  It was wonderful to get this Mole-Nun picture.  It makes me smile each day to look at it.

I really do hope that someday I can own a real Peggy Wilson.  Isn't it funny that I call the prints by her full name.  They are never the "such and such" picture by Peggy Wilson they are always just "THE" Peggy Wilson.  Or it would also be wonderful to own something from a local artist such as Lorraine Ortner-Blake.  Until then, I will just be contented to look at my pictures!

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