Friday, September 9, 2011

Angela's 10th Birthday

WOW oh WOW!  Angela is ten years old!  She has been walking around telling people she is a decade old.  I can not believe that she is this old and she is almost as tall as I am . 

We celebrated her birthday twice this year.  Once while my parents were here and then again on her actual birthday.  Brian had to be out of town, working, on her birthday so I vowed to make it fun and special.  After breakfast and some presents, we went to the store and picked up a birthday present from Brian and I, I new bike.  Her old one was quite worn and it was well in time she got a new one.  It is a light green 18 speed which is something fun and new for her.  After that we went and played at a friends house and shared lunch with them.  My friend made Angela a three layer birthday cake out of cupcakes and all the kids sang her a special happy birthday.  After lunch she got to bring a friend over to the house to play for a while.  With both of the boys occupied she got to have lots of time playing with her friend and her new presents.  After the friend went home we went and got her ears pierced.  It is a pretty light blue/blue green stone that she picked out.  She was really nervous about it hurting but she did a really good job.  They were not able to do two people at the same time so it took a little longer, but she was wonderful!  After a nice quiet dinner we called it a night.  Over all I think turning ten was really good for her.

I love you so much Angela Renea Jamison!

I think she really would have ate this as it was, if we would have let her.

Modeling some of her new clothes!  Isn't the detail on the pockets like super cute.

Cupcake birthday cake at our friend's house.

She said she was ready for the earrings and she was not going to have any tears.

Ear one.

Ear two.

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