Monday, September 12, 2011

"The Farm"

Brian has been working like crazy it seems.  If he is not working a few hours away from home and driving back and forth, then he is working to far to drive and staying all week.  To top that off he seems to be heading off on storm work all of the time.  Most recently he was in New York state (first Albany and then Long Island) for about a week and a half.  He ended up leaving just before Angela's birthday (thankfully we celebrated earlier so he was here for all of that) and getting home just after Labor Day weekend.  We had made plans to go camping over Labor Day weekend.  After hearing he had to leave I was back and forth on should I camp or not?  I finally decided that it couldn't be that hard so we went.  It was the three kids, Harley and myself for the weekend in the camper.  It wasn't nearly so bad except that when I plugged the camper in, before leaving, to get the fridge cold, I didn't push the AC/DC button.  Therefore when it was time to leave the fridge was still warm and the truck battery was dead.  I jumped the battery and everything was fine after that.  We met two friends and three of their five kids at the campground so we were not totally alone up there.  One day while we were there we went to visit a place called The Farm.  It is a huge petting zoo of sorts where animals are in fences and running loose.  There are all sorts of barn displays teaching history and then all the animals.  We only saw about half of it since it started to rain, but it was still a lot of fun for the kids!  Upon entering you could buy each child a bottle of milk and a bag of corn.  As soon as you stepped into the barn yard the goats and pigs came running at you and before you knew what was happening they were drinking out of the bottles. 

Angela and Connor thought that was great, but Emeric was not too sure about it.  Then you could walk around feeding all the animals the corn.  There were goats, pigs, cats, chickens, dogs, cows, sheep and horses.  There may have been more animals, but that is what we saw and feed and held.

This cow was way too funny.  I would feed him buy letting him eat out of my hand, but other people were too afraid to do that.  He would open his mouth, stick out his huge tounge and people would throw the corn into his mouth.  It was a sight for sure.

Connor had a heck of a time chasing this goat around to try and catch him.  All he wanted to do was hold him and I think it probably took him a good five minutes to catch it.

This baby goat kept chasing Emeric trying to get at his corn.  Emeric kept scooting away and looking at me for help.

There was an incubator with about a dozen eggs/chicks in it.  When we first started to look this egg had one tiny crack in the side of it.  Since it was raining really hard and the incubator was inside, we had nothing but time to watch this little chick.  We watched the egg rock and move, we watched the chick peck and crack the shell.  We stayed until the little chick was completely out of the shell.  It was a really neat thing for me to watch and the big kids liked it too.

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