Friday, September 23, 2011


Brian has been working 40s lately.  It is so funny to think that I am happy about him working 40 hour weeks, but it is wonderful!  There has been talk to changing to 50s, but for now I am basking in the extra time we have together.  Most people wouldn't see it as extra time, you see he leaves the house at 4:00 AM and does not return to the house until 6:30 PM.  But at least with 40s he is doing 4 - 10s so we get to have Friday together plus the weekend.  It seems like each Friday we end up with some sort of task/chore that we try to take cake of.  Today we are having a mini yard sale, then whatever doesn't sell by dinner time will be going down to the Goodwill. 

Another thing that makes having Brian home is that I get to sometime run without the kids.  Now sometimes we will go out as a family with me running and everyone else on bikes.  But today I get to just run.  I am hoping to get in about five miles.  I was sick earlier this week and am not feeling like I am back to a full 100% which means this may be a little tougher.  Therefore I will just have to push myself through it.  I will have a friend join me for the middle three miles of it which should help.  Starting in October Brian and I are pretty stoked to start a new date night.  We joined together with four other couple to have a rotating childcare/date night one Friday per month.  One family will host all of the kids at their house for four hours while the other families go out on a date.  We will do this for five months and if it goes well hopefully we will do it for another five after that.  Now we just need to figure out what we will do for four hours in October.  Maybe we can figure out how to tie it into our ABC dating?

Angela just started Girl Scouts.  Last night was her first meeting and she said it was fun but they didn't do too much.  Probably because they were getting to know each other and learning the rules.  Not to mention.....they were learning all about cookie sales!  I find myself wanting to relive my youth with this.  When I was roughly here age and in Girl Scouts I was the top cookie seller of my troop.  I find myself strategizing and planning how to help her (wait who am I fooling) help us (truly...) help me, to be the top seller.  I am having to talk myself down and verbally, that means out loud, tell myself that this is her thing to sell a lot or not is up to Angela.  She is not allowed to start sales until September 30th and it runs through October 16th.  This will be interesting to see how she does and to see if I can hold myself back.  We'll let you know what comes of it.  I am hoping that once cookie sales are done and the troop gets into a normal routine that Angela really enjoys it.  

Last night as I was leaving to pick her up from the meeting I was trying to find the boys to say goodbye.  They were in the backyard playing so as I walked out the back door I called their names.  This is one of those times you wish you had the camera in your hands!  They were both hidden under the back deck, which is not a huge bit of space in itself.  I was laughing because of that when I asked them for kisses goodbye.  Instead of crawling out to give me a kiss they both just stretched their necks until their lips were out from under the deck and kissed me.  Again more laughs for this.  The topper is Brian telling the boys to get out from under there because it is dirty.  This time belly laughs!  I said to him, "Brian you are a boy, I am sure you did things like that.  And I am a girl and I know I did things like that."  They were having so much fun.  I love to see them play together like that.  

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