Monday, November 14, 2011

Connor Turns 5

When your child reaches another birthday I believe most parents (grandparents & relatives) think "Wow, how can he/she be this old?"  I know that I have been having those thoughts about Connor turning 5.  But the biggest wow that I have been thinking is the fact that Connor turned 2 in Wisconsin.  We have been here long enough for him to be celebrating his fourth birthday in the state.  That makes me go WOW!

He is working on learning about calendars in school including the days of the week and of the month.  Therefore, on November 1st, we made a big red square around his birthday and started crossing each day off of the calendar as his birthday got closer.  That helped him to not ask as much when his birthday was, but it was also helping to increase his excitement.  The morning off he woke up ready to start opening all of his presents.  I talked him into waiting and enjoying breakfast first.  Then he had to get ready for school.  I did let him open up one present at breakfast and two at lunch.  Then I made him wait to do the rest of them after dinner once dad was home.

We knew that we would not have a lot of time on his actual birthday for fun celebrations since Brian doesn't get home until a little after six and Connor's bedtime is a little after seven.  We decided to take the kids out to dinner and dessert the night before.  We went to eat at Buffalo Phil's a restaurant in the Dells.  The fun thing about Buffalo Phil's is that your food and drink gets delivered to your table by train.  The kids all thought that was pretty fun!  Afterwards we went to Cold Stone to get birthday desserts.  Most of the time around someones birthday we go to Cold Stone.  Then the birthday person gets their own special dish of ice cream while the rest of the family gets to share one.  It really makes you enjoy the fact that it is your day!

For dinner the day of, we made homemade pizza.  The big kids got to shape their dough and decorate with their toppings.  It is always a meal full of creativity and fun. 

(He had to eat with all his presents around him)

Connor wanted a cake in the shape of the Transformer Bumblebee while he is in car form.  I think this was probably one of the worst cakes I made but at least it tasted okay.  Normally I use a white cake but this time he wanted a chocolate one.  Therefore, I completely understand the reasoning for putting a first frosting (crumb) layer on.  Then the frosting I did use was a little too thin.  I really was not patient the day I was making it and I should have paid better attention to the consistency of the frosting.  But regardless of my criticism of myself, Connor loved the cake.  He thought it looked like Bumblebee and he really liked cutting into it to eat it.

He got so many gifts that he was super excited for.  Some Transformers, hot wheel cars, gloves, shirts, Lego's, pillow pet, Spiderman, train table, coloring supplies and I am sure a few I missed.  We ended up letting him stay up a good 30 minutes past bedtime to continue playing with his toys.  He had a wonderful birthday (and better yet, for me, the toys have still not lost their newness and he just plays all day with them)!

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