Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Madison's Dirtiest Race

The Madison Mud Run was held this past Saturday in Verona.  It is five miles of running with about 15 or so obstacles spread out in between.  Brian and I headed down bright and early to be part of this fun/dirty race.  What a good date right.  Nothing like mud instead of candles.  Our first obstacle was to jump into a creek that was slightly deeper than waist level and quite cold.  After traversing the four or five feet of water and crawling out the other side we got to run wet though the rest of the race.  Of course the last obstacle was the mud pit that we had to crawl through.  We forgot to bring the camera and get some pictures but I was able to get onto the sponsor's page and after looking through a little over 2,000 pictures, I found these two, Laci finishing the balance beams, Brian and Laci at the finish.  It was a lot of fun and I think we both would be willing to do it again. 

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