Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October - Photos of Kids

These photos make me laugh....!  This month was filled with great warm weather that we are at the beach to cooler weather that we have got coats and gloves on.  Enjoy!

Can you have too much fun at the beach?

It is only fun to have your brother spank you when you are posing for a picture, otherwise it means war.

I love the close ups, especially when my kids are ready with a smile.

QUICK!  DUCK!  You are about to get blown out of your computer chair - "Expecto Patronum"

Showing off his faux hawk.

Loving his new swim top.  Hopefully it helped to keep him warm.

Someday his legs will be long enough to reach the peddles and then he will have to decide if he is going to be a lineman, a fireman or Spiderman.

Wearing their "FR" head covers like daddy does at work and like the fireman do.

Really, what is better than being on the beach with a bucket on your head?

 Sleeping (or pretending to) on the beach.

Sitting in the bucket of dog food.  I am sure he was eating some too.

With that sort of smile, I keep looking to see where his horns are.

Have a wonderful November!
We can't wait to see some of you really soon!

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bindijean said...

all wonderfull as usual. but me and mom really liked the dog food one, she is a dog food eater from way back :)