Saturday, November 26, 2011


This years Thanksgiving was pretty low key.  It was the five of us at home.  We slept in and then lazed around most of the morning.  I did make a pumpkin pie, completely from scratch.  This was my first time using an actual "pie" pumpkin to get the puree and to make the pie.  We were left with so much puree (it is in the freezer) that I believe we will be having a lot of pumpkin foods soon.  Around lunch time we got the turkey cooking.  Brian got a 15 1/2 lb. turkey which is a lot of meat.  The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing the other foods: cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, stuffing and broccoli casserole.  We ate dinner around 5 and most of us were asleep about 7-8.  Brian and I ended up falling asleep with the kids and then waking up again around 10.  It felt like we had a second wind at that point.  It is no wonder Thanksgiving is usually around 1-2 so that once your nap is done and you've hit your second wind it is still only 5-6 at night.  We had so much food, that Friday we had Thanksgiving dinner "take 2".  The only difference was that we had green bean casserole in place of the broccoli casserole.  Now tonight we are having turkey pot pie.  We have enough turkey for about two more meals this week.  The day was nice for Brian as he was used to small family affairs from his younger days.  It was a little lonesome to me as I really felt like I needed more people to make it a real holiday.  That is okay though ~ we did have a relaxing day. 

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